[tig] I'm worried and angry

David Bernstein d_bernstein2000
Fri Oct 17 18:02:17 BST 2003

My, aren't we a sensitive bunch. A film-goer (our
audience, remember them?) writes in to complain that
he doesn't like the look of some prints that were made
from digital intermediates, and you guys jump down his
throat because he singled out a particular facility
and technology. OK, maybe he doesn't know exactly what
he's talking about, but does that mean he's wrong, or
we should attack him because he has a discerning eye?

I have not seen prints of either film, so I can't
comment on the particular artifacts he's referring to,
but I think Mr Hafner's comments raise some issues
about the methods being used to create these digital
intermediates. I think we all know that just because a
director approves a final product doesn't't mean he
wanted all the problems that might come with it. 
Perhaps some of our esteemed colleagues at Technique
could be more specific about the process and equipment
used to create these prints, in order to more
effectively discuss these comments.
I'm not trying to cast dispersions on anyone or
anything in particular, but I believe that because
this DI process is an emerging technology, in essence,
that we have much to learn about how to do it well,
and that learning curve includes judging reactions
from the people who actually pay to see these films,
and care enough to notice when they look different. 

David Bernstein
HD Telecine Center, Universal Studios

Disclaimer: These opinions, and many more I have yet
to voice, are strictly my own, and not necessarily
shared by anyone.

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