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Jean-Clement Soret jean-c
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 Ok let's be honest,
It is clear that while we are all excited about the potential of software
color correction, the color corrector of our dreams is not there yet. 
- Q Color doesn't really have a grading list management yet. The keyer is
only chroma or luminance.
- Although probably being the best product Lustre, has a fixed architecture,
and in my opinion quickly runs out of layers.
- Silicon Color's Final Touch is interesting but not a product for a little
- Baselight is well thought but like all of the above gets really slow when
starting to pile up layers. Having your scene reduced to a single image is a
bit of a problem...
Of course if you can afford to spend 2 months on a project, you might think
BTW none of these soft color correctors can do a gamma correction in a
saturation isolation, so please leave these multiple tracking windows aside
and concentrate on the real stuff.
Let's go back to our good old Pogles or 2Ks and see what happens.

Jean-Clement Soret


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And where the heck is Geoff Orme today?

Mike Most

Last seen in Hawaii where he and Helena had an antiques business.

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