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redw at sedona.net redw
Tue Oct 14 20:51:31 BST 2003

> I can?t imagine Bruce Graham feverish, though I can Andy
> Sackheim.

I think they sent Andy home to Florida!

> the peak of the Dubner?s life and development had to have
> been at Action Video where modifications in extremis took it
> to heights theretofore unimagined.  White Compression in
> three different channels allowed an independent soft
> nonlinear clip with primary correction.  Dave Tosh via Sam
> Holtz I believe were the developers and it was great to work
> with.

Dave Tosh can confim, but while the Dubner may have controlled the soft
clip, I believe the mod was actually in the Rank cell box.

We had added a few nice goodies at AME as well.  It was certainly a
different time.  Richard Collinette gave us xyzoom well before Rank, as
well as many other nice performance updates.  Working with guys like him
and others at places like Image Transform turned out to be instrumental
in my ablitiy to advance my own career.  A number of very talented and
knowledgable engineers were able to coax much more out of the old MK3's
than the factory could deliver at the time, such as Dave Corbitt, oh,
and Dave Walker and Steve Spears included, of course! :)

Ralph Edwards
Representing Cineglyph HD for DAV

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