[tig] temporal resolution of eye-brain

Rob Lingelbach rob
Sun Oct 12 22:40:24 BST 2003

I read not long ago an article in a science journal about
current advances in freezing an image of an event at the
smallest time interval possible, or infinitesimal.  (a
description of time-space discretization is at
Photography or recording of quasi-infinitesimal slices of
time applies to research in quantum physics and cosmology.  

Does anyone know the human eye?s limit of temporal
resolution?  We know that our temporal acuity increases at
the edges of the receptors, which is why flicker and motion
perception is better when not looking directly at an object,
but what is the absolute resolution?  

When one worked as an editor in the old days of manual
video editing, it was necessary to see single frames to
judge when cuts were made at proper source-image cut points
(when working without a list) and sometimes to the field or
60th of a second.  Can the human eye-brain do any better
than that? 

Rob Lingelbach
tig founder, unix system administrator

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