[tig] Question for TIG members.

Arturo de los Santos adsantos
Sat Oct 11 02:53:05 BST 2003

Hello all:
    This question perhaps is not related to telecine, but maybe some members can help, I try to do maintenance to a Edit box Machine and is more than 10 years old; and I need to replace some Hard disks inside Dylan, the question is; this kind of model of hard disk can be available, if I buy them on a Computer store, are these new drives compatible with old ones; even if they are the same model (model is M2694ESA) , those of you that have had the same problem, please tell me how to solve. Drive is Fujitsu and part number is B03B-7295-B116A.
   Kind regards.
   Arturo DLS Diaz
  MVS Television.
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