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Fri Oct 3 00:59:06 BST 2003

Ok here is the DI Database story.

About 3 months ago I made an inquiry on the tig if there was a DI Database anywhere.
The conclusions were that some manufactures had lists some didn't. I was e-mailed information on DI movies and the conclusion drawn from the responses I got, was that it would be a very good resource to have.
Wade Odlum, Colourist at Cutting Edge and myself set about making a basic DI Database. We used American Cinematographer, IMDB, Kodak Fuji and other publications as reference. Rob and Dave then worked hard to get the document into TWiki form.
It was only ever meant to be a START. A work in progress document that people could change, discuss and utilize. I agree that there are a number of headings that could be added also some of the information within the headings may not be correct.

I apologize to anybody offended by the list. Hopefully there are a few guys out there who believe the DI Database is a positive addition to our industry?

I'm happy, I've always wanted an extraordinary ego!!!

Warren Eagles

telecine at cuttingedge.com


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