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Marc Wielage mfw
Thu Oct 2 06:46:52 BST 2003

On 10/1/03 5:35 AM, "Dave Corbitt" <dcorbitt at postlogic.com> commented on the
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> A colleague alerted me to news from Digital Voo Doo regarding their dropping
> the Mac platform for further development of their Final Cut Pro product. See
> news here:

There's a nice rebuttal to this from Grant Petty of Blackmagic Design, who I
believe founded Digital Voodoo some years back and now runs a different


In this piece, Petty refutes much of what Digital Voodoo has to say, and
also has some interesting info about the Mac OSX platform, how it relates to
pro video users, and other items of interest to the post community.

About the only big drawback I can see with FCP relying on Quicktime is that
it does limit you to only being able to digitize two channels of audio at a
time.  I think this isn't a deal-breaker for most users, but it is a
consideration for some projects.

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