[tig] John Frey loses his battle with cancer

Miller, Ken kmiller
Tue Dec 30 21:37:43 GMT 2003

Dear Rob,

I am sorry to report that John Frey died last Saturday,
December 27, 2003 after a fourteen month battle with Cancer.
The following is a note from a fellow engineer and a dear
friend to John.  I would appreciate if you could post it to
the TIG.


I am very sorry to report that John Frey, a local A/V
engineer and electronics expert, died on Saturday, 12/26/03,
after a year-long fight with cancer. John worked in the DC
area for more than 30 years, principally at Rodel Audio in
Georgetown. His other clients included Colorlab, Roland
House, KLM Video, Bono Film Labs, NIH, Wentworth Films, CNN,
AARP and many others.  John began with a background in
electronics and a love for music and sound. He designed and
installed recording equipment starting in the early 1970's,
working at music and film studios in the US and Canada. In
the 1990's he moved into television engineering and helped
many video clients, both large and small, in addition to his
continuing work in audio.  I met John in the 1980's and we
developed a strong professional association as well as a
friendship. John was, in my personal experience, the most
capable electronics troubleshooter and designer I have ever
met. His extensive workshop and deep, theoretical
understanding of electronics made him invaluable in the days
when clients needed custom equipment to get their work done.
I never encountered a piece of equipment beyond his ability
to decipher and repair.  Most people that knew John, whether
as friends or clients, know that he was an unusual
person--perhaps eccentric is a good description. He was more
concerned with matters of the mind than day-to-day affairs.
John held high standards and strong opinions, and was not
shy about making them known. He did not suffer fools well,
and at times could be challenging to work with. But when
technical trouble arose, John was the guy to call. He would
try anything and everything within his abilities to solve a
tough problem, and almost always succeeded.  Beneath the
gruff exterior John was truly a good-hearted person who
considered the well-being of his friends and wanted to be
sure that his clients got a good value for their money. He
was scrupulously honest, both in his work ethic and his
appraisals of technical issues. He was a fantastic resource
for me and many others who valued his vast knowledge and
professionalism.  John will be sorely missed around this
town. May he rest in peace.  A memorial service is scheduled
for Tuesday, 12/30/03 at 10AM.  Concord-St. Andrews United
Methodist Church ~ River and Goldsboro Roads ~ Bethesda, MD
20814 Sincerely, -- Eric Wenocur (Lab Tech Systems)



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