[tig] FW: da Vinci press release

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Dec 24 05:40:36 GMT 2003

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 10:24:24AM -0000, Shaw Clan wrote:
> And I know I'm going to get shot for saying this, but to present a
> Manufacturer's trophy at the TIG bash??? What will the other sponsor's
> think?

i've been thinking about this a lot lately.

the award daVinci will give should not be considered an
award voted by peers.  Peer review is the surest way to keep
politics or economics out of professional awards, but isn't
the approach used for the Master Colorist Award, the title
of which should really also include the issuing authority.
And also the judges' names and affiliations are usually
available to divert claims of cronyism, but this award is by
nature a manufacturer's, so really one should just consider it
the daVinci Award.  I agreed to have it at the TIG NAB party
(which organization is still coalescing) before I knew the
details, but in essence any awards are welcome, let's just
be sure we know from where they're coming.

The Tweaker and Lifetime Achievement awards as started by
Donna and Peter and continued through the TIG are
peer-nominated, peer-voted, and meant to inspire a sense of
community, as once i think Donna said they were created for the
'unsung heroes' of telecine.  These awards tend to be
engineer-centric because engineers seem not to get much
credit, whereas colorists in certain markets and in many
situations get credit from clients or in the trade

at NAB 2003 Martin Greenwood popped up on stage to pretend
to accept the award for Neil Kempt of daVinci, and I only
got the joke later when someone told me he was a little hurt
(he probably doesn't remember any of this) that daVinci
employees were getting more awards than Pandora ones (Dwaine
Maggart won the Tweaker for 2003).  I felt really bad for
Martin because he's a certifiable genius and has been
working hard for decades.  As is the case with Henry Gu of
daVinci.  anyway, it would be great if we could try not to
be divisive but rather together in our field, as much as
certain forms of competition can allow.


Rob Lingelbach
tig founder, colorist

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