[tig] FW: da Vinci press release

Stefan Sonnenfeld SSonnenfeld
Mon Dec 22 21:57:20 GMT 2003

Nothing to do with Kevin, but there is a difference.  Manufacturers should
start enlisting the help of a wider variety of artists in the field when
they design their respective devices.  This has always been one of my
biggest complaints.

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> Steve Shaw, in a moment of confusion and temporary insanity, wrote:
> > I'm sure Kevin is knowledgeable, and I know he's a good guy, but I have
> never yet met a manufacturer's operator who can get more out of their
> company's system than a real-world user.
> When you get a chance, take the time to sit with Kevin in front of a 2K.
> Having taken his beginer, intermediate and advanced colorist courses I can
> tell you that he knows a hell of a lot.  As an engineer, having worked
> with
> lots of colorists over the last twenty years, I'd say without reservation
> that he ranks up there with some of the more capable colorists I've known.
> He is a "real-world" user.
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