[tig] Digital Screening of "Once upon a Time in Mexico" in Hollywood

Steve Shaw steve
Mon Dec 15 23:31:00 GMT 2003

Hey folks, resolution has little to do with the quality of a film out, other than resolution, if you see what I mean.

Like most HD projects, the post work tends to be done linear, and when recorded to film & printed there is not enough dynamic range in the original HD liner image to 'fill' the film log dynamic range. This tends to result in lifted blacks and grey whites, especially if when printed the printer lights used are not 'on-aim' as this exposes further the limited dynamic range available. It prevents the film print toe & shoulder characteristics from doing their thing, which is a huge part of what 'film' is about.

This is why all the linear HD projects I've been involved in have been mapped into log space as part of the DI process. This creates a full dynamic range negative that can be printed with wild abandon.

I'm trying to get Quantel to organise a second film screening of the HD short Daddy's Boy to show what can be done. I'll let you know if I manage it.


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