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Pedro Conforti pedroconforti
Fri Dec 12 03:24:17 GMT 2003

Oh yes. I can tell how noisy those flat plasma screens can be.

My employer decided, last year, to buy one of those big fancy Sony plasma
screens, to put in a room designed for reunions with clients. Surely, it
never fails to appeal everyone to turn it on and check out the image
quality... It really looks (and is) expensive!

But experience told us it was a bad, bad idea. The fact is, everytime the
management decided to make a presentation of my job on this screen (without
my knowledge), clients would jump on their seats, because they were afraid
of the bad quality of their final product. What happened? That noisy and
harsh image could was not what they have seen during the telecine session!

I had tapes from 2 different tape-to-tape jobs refused (and the same
happened with the other colorist), before I ask the clients to come back to
the telecine to check ou their tapes on my trusty Sony monitor. They were
reliefed, and so I was. None of the problems they have seen on the plasma
screen were real. But in fact, I had to catch them up by their tails before
they would leave shouting out loud "tape-to-tape stinks!"

 From then on, I forbid anyone to present my work to clients on that.



Ps. By the way, I had the same question about buying a TV set last month...
16:9 or 4:3? After some field research, I reached the same conclusion. 4:3
is still a better choice, because you get the same width with a much bigger
height, for the same price, at most cases...

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> I endorse your thought of a 36" CRT.
> I would have to agree with a large flat screen CRT choice.  A little while
> back I saw a "high end" store in Palo Alto that had lots of Plasma diplays,
> which looked cool until you got up close.  They had way too much noise and lag
> for me to warrant paying the high price.
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