[tig] Sprocket Hole Club party

Graham Collett grahamcollett
Fri Dec 5 10:27:00 GMT 2003

 oh, and i forgot to mention that there will be an article about the
party in both Hardware and Creation magazines and maybe even SAM
magazine. I'm still working on that one though.

I'd just like to thank again the sponsors of the party ... there was a
late entry  ... very late !
thanks to:

Kodak, Cintel, RTI, Thomson, Brimar, da Vinci, VMI, ICE film AATON

Frontniche, Tangent Devices, Sprockets Telecine, Creation, Hardware, 

Amo1900Productions and Pandora


it was without doubt the best Sprocket Hole yet, and those Tequila girls
must have been cold even if i was sweating !!!!

Amo did so well at adding the touch of class that i've nominated him to
sort out the NAB party.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed it.

Graham Collett

Sprockets(telecine) Ltd

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