[tig] Daddy's Boy (HDcam to 35mm 2.35)

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Mon Dec 1 12:27:05 GMT 2003

Hi Bill,

I hate to disagree, but I will...
I've played with some of the blue/green screen material I couldn't see
compression artefacts to the level of HDcam...
(and I've attempted to pull a lot of keys from HDcam - and given up!)
Guess we'll never know for sure, but it was the team it ILM that told me
they didn't use HDcam because of these problems for vfx shots.
I think that where vfx work wasn't used they did go HDcam though...
Anyone from ILM reading this and like to comment?


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> Steve:  Everything in "Principal" photography was shot and recorded ONLY
> HDcam compressed VTRs.  Yes much of the miniture and motion control
> shot at ILM was recorded to uncompressed disc.  But all the material of
> actors in scene and blue/green screen was shot on compressed HDcam.  It
was not
> without it's problems when doing post production such as pulling mattes,
> And if it was TOTALLY satisfactory they would not be shooting the future
> III on HDcam SR (What a stupid name) VTRs with full bandwidth, much less
> compression and the capability of 4:4:4 (22:22:22) equal bandwidth RGB.

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