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What is worse is that the vectorscope defines color as movement in any
direction away from the purity of "lack of color" and sets limits to how far
you get before you are unacceptable for broadcast.
At least we can turn the WFM on it's side and view it as a liberal vs.
conservative issue (left vs. right).
Do not ask the politically incorrect question of which side to rest the
scope on. Flip a coin to start and then change sides each day.

What is nice, is that we have all recognized to weight of the terms and
reasons for the need of sensitivity.

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Jim Mann wrote:

> Once I was color correcting a civil rights film with a black producer. I
>made the comment "We really should crush these blacks" ....the look I
>got.....I did manage to explain my way out of it, but I never really felt
>she believed me.
There must've been something in your tone of voice...

Now that the subject has been raised, I wonder how many people have had
trouble with the fact that the whites are at the top of the waveform
scale and the blacks down at the bottom? Affirmative encoding action
would seem to call for an inversion of the scale.

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