[Tig] Salaries

JSnopes at aol.com JSnopes
Thu Sep 26 00:38:33 BST 2002

jeff.booth at sohoimages.com wrote:

>Painters and decorators can also match colour schemes (without a DCP)
>Need I say more?

And the people who mix paint at paint stores (who, as they use colorants, 
could be called colorists) have a truly thankless job.  I spent a few 
hours (my girlfriend was dealing with certain ceiling paint color 
options...) observing a paint store guy named Waldo, who has the patience 
of Job.  (I was there on a Saturday, he was the only person working and 
there were 11 customers all asking questions.)

His clients can be just as difficult as any agency bozos, and he's always 
polite and explains everything.  And he's great at matching colors, even 
without the Macbeth device.

However, I don't think he earns those big colorist bucks.

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