[Tig] Fun with sugar cubes, cabbages and kings?

Hugh Waters hugh
Wed Sep 25 11:35:10 BST 2002

> I used to do a similar trick using the Ampex TBC's for 1" machines.  Get a
>clip lead and short out different bits in the memory chips until the client
> or editor found the posterization look that they preferred.

Quick unlurk here. In the same vein but, and this is odd, a telecine memory
that is off topic on TIG!...

I remember back in the late 80's working with the London colourist Bill
Jordan at Tele-Cine Ltd to create some interesting effects on the FDL 60B we
had then. Amongst some I seem to recall that pulling the recursive filter
board out of the (can't recall what type no) Bosch NR created a delightfully
slow decay to the image and that it was used on one Elton John promo (what
song? dont know but it featured a camera mounted low down on a car looking
back towards the car (probably an old 30's style vehicle) driving through
Paris at night ie car sharp but motion all blurry.

Other tricks included swapping RGB feeds from the scan block (home of the
infamous L1 tweak), adding filters between the lens and the film path (can't
recall how much good that did!), pulling various chunks of memory board from
the frame store etc. Being an engineer then was fun and we'd spend happy
times tinkering to find new looks (some I'd find and not tell him because I
didn't want MY machine messed with!)

I also particularly enjoyed playingg with the old VR2000's we had (ex ITN &
ex BBC2 TX probably Jeff's :-) ) and back when we didn't have any DVE kit
(must be about 1982-3) I made up a very chunky cable and switch box to
control the BCN51's TBC frame store, to produce, I think, quad splits,
mirror, and vertical flips, all rather low res (I think in the required mode
the TBC had a limited bandwidth). All too long ago to remember properly...

Hugh Waters
(ex of Molinare and Tele-Cine Ltd before that)

Back into lurk mode

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