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Gary Welch gwelch
Wed Sep 25 11:51:52 BST 2002

	Dave Corbitt wrote:
	"I stand corrected. However, perhaps Cintel will join in and let the
TIG know if the two versions available on the wipe are available
simultaneously on the output of the machine if you want a pre-correction
version and scratched removed version for the two monitor idea to assure the
nervous ones the film is not being scratched during the transfer. Perhaps
Cintel will work on some kind of QC monitoring if the market really demands
it. Peter or someone else from Cintel, care to comment?"

We thought long and hard about the implications of a scratch and dust
concealment system and it was fairly obvious from the start that we would
want a system that could be turned off if at all possible. There were two
main reasons for that 1/ so you can check that you are not damaging the film
in Telecine (or in processing prior to Telecine). 2/ Customers we approached
thought that it would help them charge for the 'repair'.

The wipe was introduced as an obvious demonstration tool. It proves useful
in a number of ways 1/ it shows that there are no delays between corrected
and uncorrected portions of the image 2/ Highlights the repair of tram lines

All of this happens at the front end of the scanner and therefore before the
signal is in a suitable format to be output .............but that's not to
say that we wouldn't look at it if the market demanded it - in it's present
guise though it would be a fairly radical change.
Hope this helps, for more detail you can always contact me directly.
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