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Ralph Kalatucka ralphk5
Tue Sep 24 18:46:34 BST 2002

To anyone who may have been trying to reach me lately, FYI: 

Ralph Kalatucka is no longer a full-time employee with Panasonic DVD, and any e-mail sent to me in recent weeks has not been recieved.  Please note the new e-address.

I have been "down-sized".  Panasonic Disc Services sold the bulk of its replication contracts to Thomson-Technicolor, and most of the PDSC facilities world-wide were part of the deal.  The Torrance DVD plant remains "Panasonic" but with the new name of Matsushita Disc Manufacturing Corporation.  The Compression & Authoring division stays at MDMC, but is scaling back and re-configuring for a different business model.  Several people were laid-off, and I was one of the "new" guys.  Note that Panasonic was very gracious with their severence package.

I will be a contract employee for them, since they still have tech work that needs to be done.

 From what I have been told, PDSC was still financially succesful, but other disc-pressing companies had a lot more replication lines running, so Panasonic's share of the market was dwindling.  And the terms of the sale to Technicolor was a sound financial move for both companies.  

Such is the way of big business.

Ralph K.
in L. A.
(h) 818-891-5539
(c) 818-512-7892

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