[Tig] (TIG)Fun with sugar cubes, cabbages and kings and Quads

Rod Sommerich sommr
Tue Sep 24 16:38:13 BST 2002

> Phoenix. We set up a 2 VTR delay, supply reel on the left, 
> takeup on the 
> right (machine, that is.) 
As late as 1986 we still used the 2 x AVR2 machines for a 7 sec delay on
a live late night show in Australia.   The Zig Zag of delay tape used to
screw up regularly .  After 30 min we had to rewind the tape during the
commercial break so we didn't run out.  
On the same show we had a nifty trick with the VPR3s with Zeuses.
We would stop the tape on the required frame and freeze the Zeus TBA,
then scan to another frame using the cues to direct TC Entry, then
capture another frame.  The Zeus would only capture a single field.  We
could then use the Field 1 / Field 2 toggle and hey presto a 2 Image
Frame store......great for those cutaway shots of the latest Book
Release or image of a Celebrity falling over.....(Hey it was late night
Those were the days, and you try and tell the young people that,    they
wont believe you......
Rod (Lace, Align and Cue a VPR3 in 25 seconds) Sommerich

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