[Tig] developments in mergers

Jim Mann jfmann
Tue Sep 24 12:45:41 BST 2002

Dave Corbitt Wrote:
>I stand corrected. However, perhaps Cintel will join in and let the TIG
know if the two versions available on the wipe are available simultaneously
on >the output of the machine if you want a pre-correction version and
scratched removed version for the two monitor idea to assure the nervous
ones the film is >not    being scratched during the transfer. Perhaps Cintel
will work on some kind of QC monitoring if the market really demands it.
Peter or >someone  else fromCintel, care to comment?

Hi Dave;
I have never been nervous about a telecine scratching a film during
transfer. I do however display a healthy amount of total paranoia. Telecines
are rarely the source of tram scratches. The skid plate, Mag,  the lab or
the bone headed assistant who laced the film cleaned wrong are far more

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    Last time i saw Oscar's demo (or more appropiately "the product formerly
known with the same name as a hollywood award") i was told it was an optical
/ electronic process, as you say. The operator though was showing processed
/ unprocessed differences with a wipe. That lead me to thinking that the
main part of the process was electronic. When i asked the question though, i
was told no declarations were to be made about the technical aspects of


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