[Tig] Quad delays

Jan & Eileen wb9iph
Tue Sep 24 01:11:28 BST 2002

With me it was Ampex 1200's,  face to face, separated by about 3'.
Supply reel on left machine,  Wooden block holding Take-Up arm from
sensing  end of tape.

Tape went off take-up arm, and toward floor, looping back up to supply
side of righthand 1200, (With another wooden block to prevent supply
side tension crash), through

Head, and onto takeup reel.     The loop length was critical, not for
the delay length, but the tension onto the take-up machine!!!


You'd start the left (record) side, and watch the tape get nearly to the
floor, then start the (playback) side vtr.


8 second delay (used on Marty Faye Show - Mid 60's)



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