[Tig] Fun with sugar cubes, cabbages and kings and Quads

Mark Chiolis mchiolis
Tue Sep 24 00:51:09 BST 2002

Anyone load up 2" tape upside down on an Ampex 1200B?  That was my first "DVE" effect flip back in '79.

Mark Chiolis
ex tape operator!
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    Why, I was just about to relate to the group when I was 
    > demonstrating RCA 
    > TH-200As (prize to anyone who knows what it is) to a UHF station in 
    > Phoenix. We set up a 2 VTR delay, supply reel on the left, 
    > takeup on the 
    > right (machine, that is.)

  You should have seen the two TR 70 B's (2" quad) at NBC Burbank, on the several second delay for "Real People" around 1979. Now that was impressive. The tape loop when up and down the face of a rack. But, it worked! 

  David Crosthwait
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