[Tig] developments in mergers

Ian Richardson ianr
Tue Sep 24 00:20:56 BST 2002

This was indeed done, as I myself was a lowly tape op at TCN9
sydney [B&W Days]. We used a cloth 'film bin' from the film dept
[remember news on B&W reversal, live telecine to air]
between two Ampex 1000's. One valves and one part converted
to 'transistors'. The tape withstood the dump to the bin and
out again no probs. Delay about 15 feet. thats apx 12sec for
those who can't recall B&W TV.
Both machines were V-locked so there was no creep.
This was to allow 'naughty words' to be switched from live
shows to air in order to not pollute the tender minds of the
Australian viewer.

Ian Richardson

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> back in the days of 2inch videotape I believe there were machines lined up
> with each other to allow the tape to be threaded through two head assemblies,
> I think for delay purposes? I always wanted to try it but the idea of setting
> oscillators and tip penetration etc. on two machines simultaneously wasn't 
> appealing.  But the model could suggest two telecines with a loop of film 
> between them for tension relief.  I know it's crazy but next thing you know 
> you'll get a music video DP wanting to try it.

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