[Tig] developments in mergers STOP!

Robert Lund robert.lund
Mon Sep 23 23:08:20 BST 2002

David Tosh wrote:

> It's about time to change the subject line on these thread-branches. Unless
> Neil, Delphi and Stuart are somehow associated with Quadraplex tape speeds
> and a sugar cube's properties.

Thank you. I think the thread might have been on its way out, but I understand
how such tangiential discussions may be a distraction, especially for the more
film-centric members (such as Technicolor).

I'd like to mention that while telecine is my main impetus for reading this
newsgroup every day, I enjoy such occasional off-topic threads, reminding us
that the participants here are humans with varied backgrounds and experiences.
It's all good science (even more so than discussions of Woodstock tower


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