[Tig] developments in mergers

Rob Lingelbach robling
Mon Sep 23 22:47:59 BST 2002

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Robert Lund wrote:

> I was wondering - the heads on two such machines would be about 3-4 feet apart. I
> can't remember the tape speed of quad - at 15 inch/sec, that would represent about
> 3 seconds of delay. If this were used as a delay device (presumably to record on
> the left machne, and play back from the right to permit switching away from
> unexpected naughty content), the techs would have to be making some pretty quick

just move the machines further apart.  Sound like a very lowtech
idea, doesn't it?  take a look at the new CHARA interferometer on
Mt. Wilson which will use exactly that technique to synchonize 
the light from 6 different mirrors for the world's most powerful
telescope.  (article in the October issue of Discover magazine)

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