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Sebastian Sylwan sebastian
Mon Sep 23 14:20:38 BST 2002

Last time i saw Oscar's demo (or more appropiately "the product formerly 
known with the same name as a hollywood award") i was told it was an 
optical / electronic process, as you say. The operator though was showing 
processed / unprocessed differences with a wipe. That lead me to thinking 
that the main part of the process was electronic. When i asked the question 
though, i was told no declarations were to be made about the technical 
aspects of it...



At 08.33 23/09/2002 -0400, Dave Corbitt wrote:
>At 08:20 PM 9/21/02, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>>Jim Mann wrote:
>Maybe I'm wrong on all this but I think Cintel's scratch concealment 
>(formerly known as Oscar) and grain removal (Grace) is a front end process 
>combining optical and electronic processes and occurs before the signal is 
>accessible simultaneously as pre and post versions of scratch removal. So, 
>most likely there cannot be two versions for comparison to look for those 
>occasional base scratches caused by the machine itself unless the operator 
>switches the correction on and off before laying down the images to data 
>or tape. For Spirit and Millennium, scratch and grain concealment is 
>completely optically in the front end so there is never an "unprocessed" 
>or scratched version of the image available. Scratch reduction or 
>suppression is inherent in the diffuse nature of the front end optics. For 
>Millennium, the process can be summed up as a diffuse sensor, for Spirit 
>it can be classified as a diffuse light source. Net results are similar 
>for these very different kinds of machines. For Cintel, sounds like they 
>are using a diffuse sensor but different from the MIllennium concept since 
>it is adjustable electronically.
>Not paid by any of the telecine manufacturers to say anything good or bad 
>about anybody's products.
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