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Dave Corbitt david_corbitt
Mon Sep 23 13:33:56 BST 2002

At 08:20 PM 9/21/02, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>Jim Mann wrote:
> > With all the
> > scratch concealment in the front ends of the CR / Spirit / Millennium (not
> > sure about Sony) we run the chance of transferring entire rolls and never
> > seeing a base scratch!
>one could offer a dual-monitor suite with pre- and post- signals, or a
>simultaneous check transfer of pre-processed signal.
>(tongue-in-cheek: if done with a certain approach the client might then
>request some process-reduction in a quest for originality, providing the
>means to drive facility economics, etc.)

Maybe I'm wrong on all this but I think Cintel's scratch concealment 
(formerly known as Oscar) and grain removal (Grace) is a front end process 
combining optical and electronic processes and occurs before the signal is 
accessible simultaneously as pre and post versions of scratch removal. So, 
most likely there cannot be two versions for comparison to look for those 
occasional base scratches caused by the machine itself unless the operator 
switches the correction on and off before laying down the images to data or 
tape. For Spirit and Millennium, scratch and grain concealment is 
completely optically in the front end so there is never an "unprocessed" or 
scratched version of the image available. Scratch reduction or suppression 
is inherent in the diffuse nature of the front end optics. For Millennium, 
the process can be summed up as a diffuse sensor, for Spirit it can be 
classified as a diffuse light source. Net results are similar for these 
very different kinds of machines. For Cintel, sounds like they are using a 
diffuse sensor but different from the MIllennium concept since it is 
adjustable electronically.

Not paid by any of the telecine manufacturers to say anything good or bad 
about anybody's products.

Dave C

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