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Fri Sep 20 14:11:32 BST 2002

Hello Howard,

Briefly, from a biased Colorists overview:

The Cintel DSX continues to look good. I wouldn't mind driving
one at all. It does pin reg. (and standard, of course) 35 mm up to 4k. 
They also had an FGR called Grace and it was somewhat impressive.
It operates in 14 bit at the head end of the machine and for this reason
may not work as a stand alone box. The only thing is they don't have it
working over the whole picture. For comparison it covered about 1/3 the
picture and looked promising.

On a side note, boy those Cintel boys were just grinning ear to ear. Things
are looking good for them. And yes, it was odd seeing Stuart in a Cintel 

The Spirit 2 was for real. I saw it playing 4k images and it looked good. 
still not ready for prime-time but Volker said they'd be taking orders at NAB
and delivering near June. I didn't have the balls to ask "How much?".

The Da vinci 2k plus with the Toolbox looked great. I liked it a lot.

Pandora has a new control panel as they've outgrown the old one. I had tried
the new Mega 1 boards with the old panel and felt it was too cumbersome.
They've had a couple new software versions since and with the new panels
it seems to be smoother. I couldn't break it and I had Seamus O'Kane
grading like a mad colorist and it did well.

It's interesting, most of our manufacturers are European, yet the European
market is still only driven by standard def. It's a very strong commercial
climate and they may scan at 2 or 4k to an Inferno but they are a long
ways away from High Definition. The problem is sometimes is it's difficult
for them to understand what our needs are simply because they're so
many time zones away and they only have there local clients to communicate
with regularly.

That's all for now

Rich Montez

These are strictly my opinions and no money or beer has exchanged hands.

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