[Tig] developments in mergers

Neil B. Feldman NeilF
Thu Sep 19 10:37:34 BST 2002

At 04:37 AM 9/19/2002, you wrote:

>OK, so here is a thought. What happens if Cintel decides now that Millennium
>is the platform for the future, and quietly drops C-Reality? It could

I had the same thought.

In fact, from a business perspective, this would be the much smarter thing 
to do.  The Millennium is both cheaper to build and uses current 
technology.  I also think it makes a nicer picture, since it still uses 
PMT's which have a greater dynamic range than solid state sensors.

Of course, in a perfect world one would not have to deal with any bruised 
egos either...



No more controversy for the day, indeed...  ;)

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