[Tig] Monitor question

C.J. Scheppers cjs
Sat Sep 14 02:44:51 BST 2002

Perhaps your overscan is set a little too over.  On an oscilloscope, which
the scan can be completely run off of the face of the CRT if the
positioning controls are turned to their extremes, the face of the CRT will
glow because the electron beam is bouncing off something or the sides of
the CRT.  This diffuse beam can make the face glow in general or in
patterns.  Compare a fixed test pattern on the monitors which make the glow
and don't make the glow to see if the glowing one is set a little too
large.  If on only one model like pvm and not bvm, perhaps different tube
constructions are used.

C.J. Scheppers

 At 4:11 PM 9/13/02, Lapointe Michel wrote:
>Not exactly film transfer but...
>Have you seen this before, and if so
>what causes it ?
>I am always looking at my Sony PVM-20M4U   in under scan.
>End credits of the film start rolling.
>White letters on black background.
>Character generator.
>For a change, I switch to normal scan.  A faint but noticeable white glow
>start appearing at the bottom
>of the screen, as each row of character appears.
>The more letters , the brighter the glow.
>Same effect is created on 2 others PVM20.  Doesn't appear on a  BVM-20
>Not present when underscan.
>Any clues ?
>Michel Lapointe
>National Film Board of Canada

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