[Tig] Monitor question

Lapointe Michel m.lapointe
Fri Sep 13 21:11:07 BST 2002

Not exactly film transfer but... 
Have you seen this before, and if so 
what causes it ?
I am always looking at my Sony PVM-20M4U   in under scan.
End credits of the film start rolling. 
White letters on black background.
Character generator.  
For a change, I switch to normal scan.  A faint but noticeable white glow
start appearing at the bottom 
of the screen, as each row of character appears. 
The more letters , the brighter the glow. 
Same effect is created on 2 others PVM20.  Doesn't appear on a  BVM-20
Not present when underscan.
Any clues ?
Michel Lapointe
National Film Board of Canada
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