[Tig] a tale of woodstock.

JSnopes at aol.com JSnopes
Thu Sep 12 03:26:42 BST 2002

robling at ucla.edu wrote:

>Incidentally, I had forgotten to mention that the tape shot at
>Woodstock of my friend playing offstage between Hendrix sets was
>recorded on half inch reel-to-reel b+w.  Was there ever a
>telecine transfer done to such a medium?  

Actually, yes.  At MIT in about 1974 we had a Kodak Videoplayer -- a 
Super-8 flying spot scanner (really) and stuff did get transferred to 
1/2" EIAJ and U-Matic.

So it's all on-topic!

Jeff "helped modify the Videoplayer for double-system, though Terry 
Lockhart probably did most of that" Kreines

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