[Tig] RE: Digital Remastering of Kens Burns films?

Rob Lingelbach robling
Sun Oct 27 13:58:05 GMT 2002

On Sun, 27 Oct 2002, Dick Hobbs wrote:

> As I said in my original post, it was an excerpt from a piece I wrote for
> f.stop, a magazine published and funded by what was then Thomson. As such,
> they paid me a fee for writing it. That is how I make a living: people pay
> me to write stuff.

and your participation in the TIG is most welcome Dick, thank you for 
taking the time to write.  The (non)disclaimer above though is important 
to make your position clear.

> I have absolutely no reason to believe that John's comments quoted in the
> article were anything more than those of an enthusiastic user. The many of
> you who know John will immediately recognise the style: he is immensely
> positive about tools which he feels will help him do his job better. He
> certainly received no recompense for the article, and indeed he paid for the
> excellent dinner which he, Ken Burns and I enjoyed very much that evening.

We all know of John's professionalism, tremendous knowledge of telecine, and
experience throughout the years.  I do believe though that he works for Thomson
at NAB for the past several years.  Nothing wrong with that, many of us work 
for manufacturers at various times; but when reading promotional messages 
to the TIG it is important to note disclaimers or, tellingly, the absence of 
disclaimers.  That's what I meant by reminding TIG subscribers to engage their
filters based on the lack of a disclaimer on your post.

I would take this same position if a writer paid by Cintel wrote to the TIG
a piece promotional of its products, quoting another person paid by Cintel,
and didn't reveal the relationship.  The reader can thus be reminded to be 
aware of the presence or absence of disclaimers.  The model on which the TIG
bases this is Usenet, where the public posting disclaimer originated.  
One can also see on Usenet the result of the invasion of spam, which is 
what promotional material became eventually, unchecked.

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