[Tig] vu vs. led for audio

Rob Lingelbach robling
Sat Oct 26 02:42:24 BST 2002

On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, JSnopes at aol.com wrote:

> robling at ucla.edu wrote:
> >A VU meter with some peak-reading LEDs seems like it would be 
> >a nice way to go.
> The Dorrough Loudness meter is pretty useful, especially if you're 
> tweaking compression and limiting.  Shows peak and average 
> simultaneously, uses LEDs but arranged in a VU-like manner.

ooh, LEDs in a VU arrangement, kind of like sampling the VU
meter, which means I'm definitely losing information.  But maybe
it's information I don't need, and how many LEDs?  (kind of like,
what is my resolution).

> I also like the audio and phase meters on the Videotek scopes -- I have a 
> VTM-203 that's a decent WFM, vectorscope, and audio meter (plus video 
> monitor, which is strictly reference quality).

I was going to say, as long as they're doing VU meters in LEDs,
why not have individual TFT monitors 2"x3", with sampled VU
needles on VU scale, little virtual scopes.  As long as we're 
monitoring everything digitally, go ahead and get the monitoring 
resolution as high as possible.  But then we might as well just 
have regular old VU meters.  

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