[Tig] rates - what to expect?

Perry Paolantonio perry
Fri Oct 25 03:13:36 BST 2002

I've got a client who wants to make a DVD from a film they licensed. 
currently the only copy on video is on 1", letterboxed. So, i'm 
pushing for them to re-do the telecine so i have an anamorphic 
[digibeta, most likely] master to work from.

the film is about 90 minutes, 35mm, but i'm not sure what aspect ratio.

They're on a tight budget with this one, and at most, would have a 
couple thousand bucks to spend on the transfer. does this seem 
possible within their budget? I think the schedule for this is to get 
the DVD started before the end of this year, or very early next 
January. so, the telecine would need to be done within the next month 
or two.

they're located in central Florida, and if they didn't want to 
supervise i would probably do it [in Boston].


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