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Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Wed Oct 23 22:24:53 BST 2002

Re: [Tig] Combined measurement of Luminance plus ChrominanceI am the guy
that wrote the delivery specification. I am a member of ChEFF (Chief
Engineers of Facilities Forum). The exhibition Dick mentioned was 'The
Production Show'. This is a kind of 'Micro NAB' or 'Mini IBC'.

The document basically takes the Technical Delivery Documents of the 5 main
UK terrestrial and satellite Broadcasters and condenses it into a few pages,
aimed at the TK Operator/VT Editor/VT Operator telling them just the
essential bits they need to know to get all the technical bits right on
their tape. The document is available for download on the ChEFF site.

The document has raised interest both with the EBU and SMPTE. The EBU seem
keen to adopt it (or a modified version) for European Broadcasters. My
personal goal is for World Domination. One document for PAL Broadcasters,
one for NTSC and one for HD.

My CV (in a sentence). 22 years at BBC TV in Telecine and VT. Became
Technical Consultant for BBC Post Production Resources and wrote the
(analogue) BBC delivery document. Took redundancy in 1997. Now working in
Soho (at a Liberty Livewire company). Had a great deal of input into the
current BBC Digital Delivery Document. Married, 3 cats, no kids.

If the TIG can obtain copies of the major US Broadcasters Delivery Documents
and send them to me, I'll have a go at producing something for you.
Obviously it will take a long time to get the document approved by them all,
but worth a try!

I will forward this to the rest of the ChEFF group. Please don't send me any
recipes as I'm not a very good cook!

Jeff Booth
Operations Manager
Soho Images
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  In the UK, the facilities have got together in an organisation called
ChEFF, which stands for something like Chief Engineers of Facilities Forum.
It has worked with broadcasters to produce an excellent delivery
specification, which can be downloaded at www.cheff.org.uk.

  Dick Hobbs

  Disclaimer: I am absolutely nothing to do with ChEFF. At a UK exhibition
last summer at which they launched the new delivery specification they
showed an excellent demonstration tape which was supposed to illustrate all
the errors which production companies and post houses were prone to
generate: the only ones I spotted were a crap script and wooden acting.


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