[Tig] Combined measurement of Luminance plus Chrominance

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Wed Oct 23 08:51:42 BST 2002

Y 3.2MHz and C3.58 MHz Comb FIlter or not.
It is very important because of the picture qualities. The comparison to the amount of" pixel clean compare to unclear pixel" is greater than needed and " noise ratio" is what differentiate a great picture from a good one.
With  film  we get a set of density range (contrast ) and when we scan that film we re-distribute luminance and chrominance using the "proper formula". Unfortunetly he transfer carracteristic is linear that why it is it is tempting to offset  the  ratio to please our eyes with a professional monitor.
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> ? ?
>Hi Guys,would anybody be able to answer the following question?
>When viewing a waveform monitor in FLAT,what is considered ?as being the
>maximum combined level of both luminance plus chrominance ? i.e. when
>measured in mV....IRE
>At Video-8 we supply to around the world (Broadcasters) and constantly get
>conflicting answers.
>Here's Hoping
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