[Tig] Is it just me? No, it's me too!

Rob Lingelbach robling
Mon Oct 21 23:02:17 BST 2002

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, Graham Collett wrote:

> > don't get me started.
> Go for it Rob! we all know your are right... the best parts of our industry
> were the best because they were the best, not the most economic...

yes thank Graham, that's basically the ticket, "IT'S DIGITAL!!!"
to me means "it's a huge compromise but at least you can send it
as email!!"

this doesn't need to be beat to death on the tig and there are
many aspects of the subject where i would say "digital methods"
are an improvement over analog, but in marketing to me it has
really become a joke, and in some cases I can say there are
digital methods that are poor substitutes for their analog
precursors.  But I listen mostly to classical music, and the
digital audio formats are at their worst with it..  I have been
hoping to get some demos of DVD-audio (24bit, 96kHz sampling etc.)
but haven't yet.  I hear in CD's a degradation of dynamic range
vs. their analog counterparts, and a brittle, harshness that
gives me a headache after a while.

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