[Tig] Is it just me? No, it's me too!

James Deluca james_deluca
Mon Oct 21 22:19:55 BST 2002

George Odell says:
	Is it just me or is the overall picture quality of prime time television
	slowly fading away before my eyes?

I believe you were referring to the big 4 networks ABC, NBC, CBS & PBS.
Not a colorist myself, my eyes aren't good enough to spot the subtle
mentioned by George, but I scream at the TV every time I have to watch WB,
FOX and UPN which appear to be playing back from low bit rate video servers.
It hurts to watch the poor quality and know its DIGITAL! Talk about
I'll take grain and noise over motion blur and compression blocks any day.
What's up with that?

Jim "analog wasn't so bad" DeLuca

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