[Tig] double8 transfer. (was: entry to anonymous)

JSnopes at aol.com JSnopes
Mon Oct 21 20:23:45 BST 2002

mellissa at telecinemojo.com wrote:

>Double 8 is easy to transfer without splitting on a 16mm gate. With a 
>reposition to get the framing right it will only give you every other 
>frame (scanning for 16mm size, and 8mm tight framing)

Yes, but the obscure Double Super 8 format (which Kodak ceased making 
film for a few years back, I think) would require a 16mm-wide sprocket 
with Super-8 teeth, and that's not going to be an easy thing to locate.  
Not hard to make (call LaVezzi) but I can't imagine that anyone would do 
this for one client with an unstable supply of rawstock.

DS8 is pretty dead!

Jeff "prefers not to flip over any rolls" Kreines

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