[Tig] double8 transfer. (was: entry to anonymous)

Mellissa mellissa
Mon Oct 21 19:13:26 BST 2002

You have a new entry in your anonymous:

Double 8 is easy to transfer without splitting on a 16mm gate. With a reposition to get the framing right it will only give you every other frame (scanning for 16mm size, and 8mm tight framing) So you may want to do 2 passes (get the framing just right for both the North and South frames, needs a still store to match or you'll see the changes on each frame if you choose to interlace (may not be the right word, but means to put all the frames back in the right order).  On many occasions due to the format my clients and I have chosen to leave it with no re-interlace-- cheaper than visiting a room capable of putting the stuff together (uses a Hal the last time) the single pass gives it a strobe effect--cool for the right project, anyway.  Good Luck, Anon!
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 - Monday, October 21, 2002 at 10:53:04 (PDT)

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