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Rob Lingelbach robling
Mon Oct 21 18:40:35 BST 2002

this went onto an old part of the tig webpages today.  I think
what he means by "t/c" is "telecine".

well, he hasn't given us a return address, so I guess he really
meant to remain anonymous.  The place he might look for a reply


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You have a new entry in your anonymous:

Does anyone know whether it is possible to t/c double super8 film UNCUT.  That is, 16mm wide (with super8 perfs obviously).  I am shooting DS8 on a Canon scoopic, but feel that transferring the film without slitting into two 8mm strips could help stability.
Any info or comments would be useful at this stage.
Tony Kent
 - Monday, October 21, 2002 at 10:34:22 (PDT)

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