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luis barrera goodlay7
Wed Oct 16 12:25:14 BST 2002

Hi Everybody,

I have a SDL HD 1.5 Plus to store and playback uncompressed digital High Definition Video using four QuickFrames. It has an interface called HiDef Adapter II and Sierra Design Labs provides me a software to use the QuickFrame in SCSI target applications.
I installed the software into a Octane with Irix 6.1 and I noticed that this package includes command line utility programs: SGITOHD15P, HD15TOSGI, YUVTOHD15P, HD15TOYUV, HDIO, HDSACP and HDSASH.
Now I want to transfer some frames from the four QuickFrames to a local file in the Octane, but I don?t know exactly how to do this using HDIO or HDSACP to input and output images via the HDAII and SCSI Bus.
Does anyone know how to do this?
Thanks a lot
Luis Barrera
Telecine Engineering
Video Omega Integral
M?xico, City.

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