[Tig] RE: Is it just me?

megazoid at bigfoot.com megazoid
Sun Oct 13 15:17:28 BST 2002

Is it just me or is the overall picture quality of prime time television
slowly fading away before my eyes?

I'm sure most of the members of this group are able to tell the
difference between a television show shot on film, be it Super-16 or
35mm, and one now shot on Hi-Def video.
And, I mean no disrespect to anyone here who may be working on these
shows. I only wonder if this harsh, flat-looking, blow out whites, muted
color picture quality is the future for us "over 40" viewers who have
been used to much better in the past?

Last Friday night I tried to watch a new show (I won't say which one)
and found myself yearning for the commercials. They were all shot on
film and they all looked better than the Hi-Def show I was watching.
After 20 minutes I switched to something else.

Maybe it's just me.

George Odell

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