[Tig] Digital Film - a bit of fun

Chuck Harrison cfharr
Fri Oct 18 18:19:35 BST 2002

JCS wrote:
> GB > The thing that scared the hell out of me is that if there is enough
> control
> > to get un-corrected rushes that hadn't been through a LUT to something
> > close to my graded look then what is going to happen in cinemas?
[...] I am sure that when standards for
> digital projection are agreed LUTs will be part of this.
> Jean-Clement Soret

Jean-Clement, all,

This is a good thought but the ideal requirements for consistent
color are more complex than may appear at first glance. Anyone
interested in working hard on this problem is welcome to contact
me off-list.

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  Far Field Associates, LLC
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