[Tig] Re: Fiber (was color correcting HD)

Tom Tcimpidis tgt
Wed Oct 16 15:37:28 BST 2002

Additional notes:

For single mode operation, most people are using the Tac-2 ruggedized 
cable which is designed for battlefield use.  If you bend the cable in 
too tight a radius what will usually happen is that the light level will 
drop below threshold and you will loose the signal.   However, within 
reason, it will not damage the cable.

While not for the faint of heart and uninitiated, the cable can be 
rebutted in the field.  I took the course on this and have had to do one 
  (single mode) when it was snagged by a fork lift and broken (we had no 
spare fiber available at the time).

Also, I neglected to mention that the transmitted functions include 
remote control for the camera and tally.


Ferder, John E wrote:

> 	We have found the composite camera cable to be quite flexible.  The
> minimum bend radius is 2.5" for the 9.2mm standard cable, and 3.25" for the
> ruggedized outdoor jacketed 10.2mm cable.

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