[Tig] Color correcting HD

Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy
Wed Oct 16 02:06:00 BST 2002

Hi Greg and all,
     In terms of handling, it compared very closely to 601 video. As it had
been downconverted before I saw it, it was in fact the "old video"!  They
booked correction time before the shoot, but all they needed was a slight
brightening of a few scenes (with a power window) and some Primal diffusion
to take some of the video edge off.
     I was able, in playing with the footage, to effect different looks.  I
just found that compared to film negative, the limited dynamic range
severely restricted the ability to engender a wide variety of looks.
     Thanks for the caveats on downconversion.  We have been expecting the
2k to handle that.  We have also been informed that the Panasonic camera has
the ability to output in 4:3 so we were going to hold off on a DVE type
device, expecting the DPs to protect the composition when they know a 4:3
master is required.  If anyone has found these assumptions to be incorrect,
this would be a good time to hear about it!
     I really appreciate this forum and the wealth of talent sharing info
here.  Maybe it's the TriChlor talking, but you folks are amazing.

Bob Lovejoy
Senior Colorist
Shooters Post & Transfer
Cheesesteak City, PA

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