[Tig] Re: Color correcting HD

Tom Tcimpidis tgt
Tue Oct 15 22:57:12 BST 2002

The Telecast provides HD-SDI from the camera, NTSC to the camera (for a 
quad split, dolly grip or whatever), genlock to the camera, timecode to 
the camera, 4 bidirectional audio channels, and a PL channel.  There are 
two types: Single mode which is fiber only and does not carry power, and 
dual mode which also carries power on copper.  The current power limit 
for dual mode is 100 watts (Telecast is working on uping that).  Single 
mode fiber has the advantages of being smaller/lighter, much more 
robust, and being capable of longer distances without a repeater.  The 
advantage of dual mode is obvious: power.


Michael D. Most wrote:

> using a device called the Telecast, which is a fiber optic transmitter that
> is attached to the camera, and carries HD video, 4 channels of audio
> (bidirectionally), time code, and I believe another separate audio track for
> a PL all on one fiber optic cable, 

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