[Tig] PTR-based film cleaner

Bob Festa bfesta
Tue Oct 15 21:11:50 BST 2002

At 12:40 PM 10/15/2002 -0700, Craig Nichols wrote:

>I always hated the foul smelling stuff like perchlor and trichlor.  When I
>was at Editel years ago, the film cleaning room was one of the few places in
>the building we never seemed to see evidence of mice ;-)  

I'll never forget late night sessions at Editel L.A. The sight of Trichlor
'buzzed' mice climbing up the padded suites deep into a late night session
was always good for a extermination break.

How about the time at Hollywood Digital when my assist accidentally dropped
an aluminum reel into the trichlor bin. The hazmat team had the building
evacuated and whole block closed off for the entire afternoon. They turned
it into a code red hazmat exercise. Now that was fun.

Ahh...the golden years of L.A. post.



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